Inmate locator-search-lookup-roster and all USA online public records database
The Data Detective online criminal records database search service currently holds one of the largest federal/non-federal prison and county jail department of corrections (doc) criminal records system in the United States of America.
The Data Detective service will enable you to access all the inquired criminal records information with fast, responsive and dedicated search results. More importantly, these criminal records can be discreetly accessed 24/7 from the comfort of your own home!

No need to drive to the local County Sheriff’s Office!

To access any criminal record, please enter the information in the box located at this page. The inmate’s first and last names are needed to obtain a search result. Other information such as the state, approximate age, middle initial and city are not obligated but if entered, will increase the accuracy of the results.

These criminal records includes:

Sex offender records

DUI/DWI records
Court records
Past arrest records
Warrant records
Police records 
and much more...

With more than 3 000,000,000 criminal records and counting in the nationwide database, the
Data Detective database will surely guarantee the information which you are seeking!

Nonetheless, the
Data Detective service was not only designed to search inmates’ criminal records!

Data Detective service additionally enables you to access personal information on any individual by utilizing the nationwide public records database!

These individuals can be your neighbor, teacher, dentist, police officer, friend, first date, family member, employee hence anybody who legally lives in the United States of America!

The Data Detective database presently holds more than 3 billion nationwide public records which ranges from:

Address History
Death Index
Relatives and Associates
Property Records
Reverse Phone Search
Alias and Date of Birth
Unclaimed Money
Social Security Number (SSN)
Marriage Records
Divorce Records
Reverse License Plate
Tax Records
and much more...